The power of our mind is intangible.  The various studies of the mind and the brain have come up as inconclusive in modern day medicine and for those of us who study mental health because of various unknown factors of how the brain works and/or heals. The brain and the studies of how the mind works is the most complex and yet the most interesting of all organs in our body because of its many functions. Here at NNK 4 L.I.F.E., we understand the importance of the mind and mental health, but we also know that if your mental health is off balance, your body and spirit will be off too.  Therefore, we developed relationships to form a community of wellness to address the whole person for what we call the Gateway Emotions to physical illnesses, obesity and mental health disorders – Stress & Anxiety.  We are the full supportive services of self and preventive care through counseling, coaching and classes…                Mind, Body and Spirit!

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​Mental Health Awareness, Advocacy, Outreach and Community Support

Non Profit

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Nicole N. Benton, LPC, CMHIMP